Best Resources for MRCP Part 2 Written

In the near future I’ll write an in-depth post on the strategy you should use for MRCP Part 2 written. Today’s mini-post is only about the best resources for MRCP Part 2 I feel all candidates should use for this 9-hour exam!

Part 2 written not only requires you to retain and use all the knowledge you gained from Part 1, it also tests other abilities relevant to clinical practice. Question stems are deliberately long to test your concentration, stamina and problem-solving skills. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that studying in the exact same respect that you did for Part 1 may not suffice.

Best Resources For MRCP Part 2

In addition to practice questions, the first book I would recommend as one of the best resources for MRCP Part 2 is this one.

In addition to its readability, his book takes you through every case as if you were on his ward round. Although the questions are not always best-of-five, this should not be a disadvantage as you are already familiar with the format from passing Part 1. Hundreds of cases are discussed, followed by investigation results,  thought provoking questions and detailed explanations.

The second book I would recommend is this one. This book takes you through common data interpretation such as blood tests and CXRs to more obscure tests such as cardiac catheterisation. It is a must read for anyone who wishes to quickly brush up on their interpretation skills.

Having recommended what I feel are the two best resources for MRCP Part 2, I must say I feel candidates worry too much about which resource to use and eventually end up procrastinating. If that is you, you’re probably better off picking any MRCP Part 2 book and working diligently, rather than ruminating about which resource to use.

Action always trumps inaction.

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