Passive Income Report September 2016

They say one of the most foolish things in life is to work for a living, to trade five of your days (or even more) for two in return. This week I’ve spent 65 hours in hospital excluding 10 hours of commuting in heavy traffic. Despite this I only get paid for 55 hours. If I had passive income streams I would not be ranting!

That’s why earned income is like selling your time (read life) for money. It’s probably worth it when you’re young, inexperienced, desperate for any sort of money and have plenty of time. When you’re older, time becomes much more precious and not something you want to waste with angry motorists.

In contrast, passive income isn’t time-dependent. You earn money whilst sleeping, eating and ****ing. Great isn’t it?

Passive Income Report September 2016

This month I earned received £71.24 after tax with no effort:

Bank account interest – £40.39

Cash ISA interest – £30.85

I’ve shuffled some ventures and investments around so passive income should hopefully increase in the following months. Join me in this journey to financial independence and early retirement (FIRE) but as always do your own research.

Charity contributions – £6.25

P.S. I learned everything I know about finance from this book, this book and that oneamongst many others. For a more extensive list, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at If you prefer learning through listening use this link to earn a free audiobook of your choice by signing up to their 30-day free trial. Simply cancel with the click of a button if you decide later on that the service isn’t for you, no questions asked.

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