New MacBook Pro & The Future of UKdoctoronFIRE

I admit it’s very easy to forget about the purpose of financial independence. Although I don’t practice frugality like some personal finance bloggers I’m still conscious about most things I buy. For example I find it very difficult to justify taxis when I’m a reasonably fit 20-something-year-old who can take the train and walk anywhere I want. As a result, financial independence can end up seeming like an endless and pointless race to increase those numbers on a screen.

But when we think about it, money is simply stored energy. If you’re willing to part with £300, you could hire a couple of guys to help you move furniture. Spend £3 and your friendly neighbourhood barista will make you a cuppa.

With that in mind I splurged on a 13″ MacBook Pro 2017 which arrived in the post today.

My very first laptop was actually a 2006 15″ MacBook Pro which my dad bought for me as a present for doing quite well in my Scottish Highers. It was my main device for talking to friends on MSN and playing poker until I bought the iPad 2 in 2010. I then upgraded to an iPad Air 2 in 2016 which equated to a four generation gap jump in iPads and I could certainly feel the difference.

The iPad Air 2 has the equivalent 2GB RAM inside the 2006 MacBook Pro which shows you how much technology has advanced in a decade.

The MacBook Pro 2017 has 8GB RAM which is the standard for laptops nowadays but with amazing build quality, aesthetics and the relatively new solid state drive it’s well worth using the entirety of my last quarterly passive income to purchase.

So that’s the good news out of the way. The bad news (depending on how you look at it I suppose) is that I’m thinking about ending my MRCP work. The main reason is that I’m uncertain how much value I’m creating for you guys. Everything I want to say about MRCP can essentially be found in MRCP Parts 1 & 2 Written Guide and also the new MRCP PACES book which should hopefully write itself soon.

This website will revert back to its original purpose which was supposed to be a personal log of my progress as a person and my journey towards FIRE.

A few of you have already sent in questions and I want you to know that regardless of where this blog is heading you can always reach me at

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  • July 19, 2017 at 5:48 pm

    Hi Rory,

    Well the “free” Mac has to be a great feeling 🙂 I will be honest, the MCRP stuff went over my head but will definitely be interested to follow as you move on along your career though!

    All the best,

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