New Book – The Med Reg: How to be a Great Medical Registrar in the UK

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Following many months of deliberation and procrastination, my newest book The Med Reg: How to be a Great Medical Registrar in the UK is now available! Hope you find it useful and please check out the book description:

“Being the medical registrar on call is often cited as the main reason trainee doctors choose not to pursue a career in hospital medicine. The overburdening responsibility and stress associated with the job is the number one reason why many people opt for general practice or other hospital specialties instead.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to be the most efficient and effective medical registrar you can be
  • How to interact with junior colleagues and consultants to improve your work relationships
  • How to lead an acute medical take safely and much more

This book aims to outline the main roles of the current medical registrar and includes key concepts adapted from landmark texts from the business and management world. It will transform the way you approach transitioning from core medical trainee to medical registrar and provides a heavy focus on very actionable steps.

Dr Rory Chan is a current respiratory & general internal medical registrar and honorary clinical lecturer working in Scotland. He graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2012 and enjoys helping others attain their MRCP diploma for a fruitful career in medicine. His website contains free and regularly updated advice on how to pass the MRCP exams, become a better medical registrar and create multiple passive income streams.”

This book will not contain clinical information such as how to manage type 2 respiratory failure or a myocardial infarction as I feel there is little merit in repeating the great texts already out there. Additionally the information on how to manage an acute gastrointestinal bleed for example has not personally been discovered or researched by me so I feel there would be a degree of plagiarism regurgitating other people’s work.

Furthermore by the time we’ve attained MRCP and arrived at medical registrar level we already have sufficient clinical acumen to deal with medical emergencies.

Instead as the title and description suggests the book will put forth a strong argument for continued improvement towards the medical registrar ideal and explain how you can gain a competitive advantage in the medical world. For more info click here

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