MRCP Parts I & II Book

Dear reader,

I hope your MRCP revision is going well so far. I know it’s a really long slog and is often compared to a marathon but remember that nothing worth having ever comes easy.

There are already numerous great resources for improving your knowledge when tackling the written exams. The articles below outline the pros and cons of each:

MRCP Part 1 Resources

MRCP Part 2 Written Resources

Having said that, there are NO texts detailing the strategy and approach you should take when facing MRCP. During my revision in 2014 I was completely lost as to where to begin my revision and how to go about it.

To save you time, I have created a MRCP guide which you can learn more about here. It consists of all of the techniques and strategies I used to pass both of the written exams on my first attempt.

As a supplemental text to the above, MRCP Part 1 and 2 Written Guide covers important but commonly neglected concepts such as time allocation, study technique variation and logistical concepts for the MRCP exam.

Regardless of whether you choose to read my guide, make sure you keep in touch even just to let me know how you’re getting on. You can reach me at

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