Merry Christmas!

So eight weeks in Stockport are coming to a close and I’m packing my stuff for home. I have to say the last four weeks have been much nicer as I had the entire hospital flat to myself and could listen to music without being judged…

I’ll be spending the next five weeks in Glasgow without work (and pay unfortunately). I guess it’s the longest break I’ll ever have before I retire and although I could’ve stayed in Stockport until my training programme starts in February, I’m sure this break will do me some good. Really looking forward to playing some live poker tournaments and drastically improving my health after two months of microwaved curries and chips. Standard bachelor life.

Was talking to a pharmacist about Christmas presents yesterday. She seemed to be enjoying herself when telling me how her husband was frantically dashing around town looking for her last minute present! He’d asked her many times what she wanted but she wants it to be a surprise. Really resonates with the story of my girlfriend who is forever evasive when asked the same question.

As men we’re much more practical. Like I’m in need of some boxers and a nice pair of shoes and would be over the moon if someone would save me the effort of shopping for them myself. Not Spider-Man boxers though, which is what I actually got as a Secret Santa present from work this year. True story sadly.

Anyway hope everyone is enjoying the festive season with their families and loved ones. Merry Christmas and don’t miss my first quarterly passive income report on 31st December 2016.