How to Pass MRCP PACES in 8 Weeks

MRCP PACES should be the final hurdle between you and the much coveted MRCP diploma. All those hours you’ve privately put in over the past few months and even years to overcome Parts 1 and 2 Written will hopefully be paid off very soon once you pass this clinical exam. The only problem is that PACES isn’t exactly a small hurdle and there have been entire books and courses dedicated to tackling it.

If you’ve found your way onto this website that probably means you’re looking for advice that you can’t find elsewhere.


In my new book, I dissect the “non-clinical” aspects of clearing PACES on your first attempt and in just eight weeks. I remember a time in my life when I was given months and months to submit coursework for university and ended up cramming it all in during the last few hours before submission. It’s typically human nature to leave things last minute but we all have it within us to perform when our backs are against the wall. Parkinson’s Law is at work here and if you play your cards correctly, eight weeks should be plenty of time to place you in good stead.

As Derek Sivers states “If more information was the answer, we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs”. Although I refer to a couple of key texts in my guide, any more than this falls prey to the law of diminishing returns. Instead of overwhelming yourself with numerous tomes, I would suggest working smarter but not necessarily harder.

I really hope that this book is the answer you’ve all been looking for and I look forward to hearing feedback from you guys.