5 FREE resources for MRCP Parts 1 & 2 Written

Few things cost nothing in real life and that rule is especially true in medicine! From university fees and medical books to postgraduate courses and even our own stethoscopes, everything costs money. However, I have good news!

Below are 5 completely free resources for MRCP I would strongly consider using if I was studying for MRCP again.

5 Free Resources for MRCP Parts 1 & 2 Written

ReviseMRCP contains over 5,000 free practice questions and 28 past papers relevant to both exams. The site separates practice questions into various specialties consistent with the exam. And to keep a record of your progress, all you need is an email address and you’re good to go!

The second free resource I would recommend is MRCPass. It contains useful notes on all the MRCP specialties and also up to 130 free practice questions accompanied by good explanations.

If you’re impressed by their quality, they also offer a premium service that costs £50 for 4 months. But if you’re unsatisfied, they promise to refund 80% of this fee if you enquire within one week of purchase.

MedExam is a software you can download containing over 1,800 practice questions and over 1,300 articles on drugs and diseases and basic sciences. However, this doesn’t seem to be tailored specifically to MRCP and costs £25 for 2 years. You have the option to test out their free trial that contains 50 free practice questions.

Almostadoctor is a very comprehensive free-to-use website containing succinct summaries of a variety of clinical conditions you’ll encounter in MRCP and daily clinical practice. It contains mind maps, flashcards and even a regular blog that keeps you updated about clinical medicine.

You can use this website to supplement guidelines and practice questions. If you like their format you can also download their entire website on a mobile phone app.

The last and one of the best free resources for MRCP I would recommend is Radiology Masterclass. This amazing website contains numerous free tutorials and info that will help you analyse CTs and X-rays with confidence.

This is especially useful for Part II as every image is explained in excellent detail. It almost feels as if a consultant radiologist is taking you through the images! Those, in my humble opinion, are the five best free resources for MRCP.

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